Scott Linker – Christmas Train Set

Check out this music review of the festive song, ‘Christmas Train Set’ released by Scott Linker

Scott Linker is an artist and songwriter based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His music is hard to categorize, because he loves to break the rules and explore so many different musical ideas. From the punch of rock music down to the atmospheres of new wave, anything is on the table when it comes to creativity.

Recently, Scott decided to release a holiday song, titled Christmas Train Set. What’s really special about it is definitely the fact that it feels honest warm and personal. Many artists record Christmas songs around the holidays, but it is quite rare to find such a level of personal connection with the material. In this case, the song is very easy to relate to and emotionally powerful because Scott really feels connected to what he is singing. The song creates an atmosphere of memories, longing, good times and all of the fuzzy feeling that comes back to you every Christmas. Besides the concept and the theme, the production of the song is just as good as what you would expect if you have been used to listening to Scott’s wonderful material. Everything is spontaneous and direct, yet meticulously produced with a focus on wonderful sounds.

Check out Scott Linker’s music, and don’t miss out on this release!