Sarantos – First 5 Seconds

New folk music video for First 5 Seconds by Sarantos out now!

Love takes many forms. Love doesn’t care about age, gender or race. One might think though that depending on age, it might be fueled by raging hormones or offer peaceful introspection and acceptance. Maybe it does but maybe it doesn’t! Love is different for everyone but ultimately love is love. To be human is to have felt love in some way and at some point in life. For the music video for “First 5 Seconds”, Sarantos thought the story should centre on love as seen thru the eager eyes of a child, the hopeful eyes of a teenager and the mature eyes of an older adult. But think about it. Does love really change as we age or is that just an urban myth? Isn’t love always love? After all, love knows no real boundary. Doesn’t it just depend on our personality as opposed to being a preset based on age?

“This folk song is about love and how it might or might not change thru the years,” says Sarantos. “I thought this story should reflect how love does not actually change over time. We all remember driving our parents crazy when we were teens. Do you remember the mood swings? One moment we’re wildly infatuated and in love, the next we’re broken-hearted crying a river. Contrast that with a mature older couple who has earned their wrinkles but is still together. By the way, is there anything cooler than an elderly couple out for a romantic walk holding hands? But I offer fans a twist in this video. The young children who grew up together fall in love as teen but are tame compared to their older future selves who are playful and very carefree. I know I personally always expected the stereotype to be true myself but I don’t think that it should necessarily be true. I know it won’t be for me. I still love being sarcastic, playful and acting like a goofball as I age. I wanted this video to show love in many forms but especially how it grows deeper despite the ravages of time on the human body. Who says only young people can be fiercely in love?”