Robert Taylor Jr – Rock Dat Body Gyal

Robert Taylor Jr - Rock Dat Body Gyal

Robert Taylor Jr releases new single “Rock Dat Body Gyal”.

Robert Taylor Jr. is an artist and performer hailing from Brooklyn, NY.

There are artists who aim to entertain their audience, while others aspire to something higher: they want to inspire, motivate and engage their listeners, spreading love, hope and positivity with their amazing music.

Robert Taylor Jr. certainly belongs to the latter category. Born and raised in Brooklyn (Coney Island), he became passionate about music and dancing at a very early age. His dad, Robert “Bobby T-Boy” Taylor, taught him about artistry and music, and it didn’t take long before he started to seek his own artistic path.

Through the years, he had the opportunity to hit the big time and perform in front of substantial audiences, at high profile events, and more… he is even a cast member of the Broadway Musical version of Spongebob Squarepants!

With the release of his recent single, “Rock Dat Body Gyal”, Robert has made a spectacular step forward in his career, with an incredible track that hits the mark with excellent production values and memorable hooks. The track feels modern and dynamic, yet it has a charming link to the old school, inspired by soul, reggae and R&B.

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