Robert Manigault – Crestfallen

Robert Manigault is back on the scene with a stunning music video release, Crestfallen.

March 2020 – Something quite special can happen when the melodies of soul collide with the energy of R&B and funk. While some might think that these genres are worlds apart, they have so much in common, and artists like Robert Manigault represent the perfect example of how these different sounds can come together under one roof to create something that’s truly perfect.

The artist recently unveiled a brand new music video for the single titled Crestfallen. The track is magnetic, impactful and engaging, combining great melodies and exciting hooks, with a world-class production that’s always about making sure that every detail in the mix is up to snuff. As they say, a chain is only strong as its weakest link, and in this case, it’s hard to find a fault in terms of production, songwriting and performance excellence here. This also includes the stunning music video, which is a perfect visual match with the track, showcasing Robert in his best environment! When there’s so much passion and focus involved, you really can’t go wrong indeed!

Find out more about Robert and do not miss out on Crestfallen, as well as other astonishing music releases from this talented artist. This project is now available on Spotify, as well as other digital music streaming platforms on the web.