Robert Manigault – Crestfallen

Robert Manigault - Crestfallen

Robert Manigault releasing brand new single, “Crestfallen.”

Robert Manigault is an artist and songwriter based in San Antonio. His sound brings a wave of Texas heat to his jazz influences, making for a truly unique and unapologetic sound. Robert’s performances are richly nuanced and incredible diverse, with a focus on simply performing out of love and passion. Robert believes in his music so much that he actually sold a successful company, just so he could focus on making music on a full-time basis. He initially made waves in the music scene with his funk-inspired single “She’s So Fly,” which was published in 1989, and eventually became a mid-Atlantic hit, as well as a cult track in France, of all places!

Today, Robert is back with a new, exciting song, “Crestfallen.” The track is a great showcase of the artist’s astonishing musical evolution, and a testament to his love for the craft of creating beautiful songs with no compromises. This track marks a brand new chapter in the fascinating musical journey of a truly unique artist!

Find out more about Robert’s music, and listen to “Crestfallen” via Soundcloud: