Rey.Ant – Comin for You (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Rey.Ant has recently released a new single: Coming For You

April 2022 – Rey.Ant is an artist who could easily be described as someone who brings a unique touch to the music scene. His music is incredibly innovative and easy to relate to, and it’s quite difficult to describe his genre exactly, because he is so creative, always spicing up his sound with special twists and that extra sonic zest that makes it all the more special. From the amazing edge of hip-hop to the melodies of pop and R&B, anything goes. “Coming For You” is a romantic song, and it has a sultry, soothing tone that feels electrifying and smooth, tipping the hat off to talented artists such as Prince, D’Angelo or even Frank Ocean, only to mention a few. Rey.Ant really outdid himself with this one, and it’s an amazing new addition to his rich discography, marking a new chapter in his journey though connecting with the world via his music.

Find out more about Rey.Ant, and listen to Coming For You. The song is also available on Youtube as a music video, and on streaming platforms!