Buddylicious – And You Don’t Know (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Buddylicious is back with a new song: And You Don’t Know

June 2022 – Buddylicious is an artist and songwriter with a passion for approaching music in a more diverse and spontaneous way. This means that his sound is an open door to a wide variety of styles and genres, including emotional emo vibes and energetic trap hooks. The possibilities are truly endless with such an open creative mindset! The song has some ethereal soundscapes in the background, and the beat hits right where it should. However, one of the most amazing things about this track is that it offers a spontaneous and one-of-a-kind insight into who this artist really is

Recently, Buddylicious put his mercurial spirit to the test with a brand new release named And You Don’t Know. This new studio effort is well-produced and incredibly appealing to a broad audience.

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