RAS MIKEY C – Love Year

RAS MIKEY C - Love Year

RAS MIKEY C. presents: Love Year.

July 2020 – RAS MIKEY C. is a reggae artist hailing from Detroit, Michigan. He stays true to the gritty and upfront sound of the local rap scene, and he stands out due to his distinctive approach to songwriting and production.

RAS makes music that takes no prisoner, and his sound is on par with what you can hear coming out of the very best reggae stations and beyond! In addition to creating music that feels catchy and universal appealing, RAS MIKEY C. is also about truly connecting with the audience. He is a natural-born communicator, who also happens to have a B.F.A in dance, which is also another amazing form of self-expression and an art that enables the performer to create a stronger connection with others.

Recently, RAS MIKEY C. has been busy putting out a brand new release: Love Year. This beautiful EP features 6 songs, and it is filled with positivity and brightness, two things we so desperately need in this day and age! The songs on this EP will lift your spirits, and make you want to dance!

Check out this release and find out more about the talented RAS MIKEY