Psyntst – Warp Rider (Review)

Psyntst - Warp Rider (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single titled ‘Warp Rider’ released by Psyntst 

A combination of cinematic ambiance and tasteful beats with a modern feel.

“Warp Rider” is a new club banger that will grace the best dance floor out there, and it’s coming real soon! The song is brought to you by Psyntst, an artist and producer with a really unique outlook on his blend of EDM.

The song reveals the artist’s production genius, as well as his ability to truly branch out and explore different sonic ideas. From the catchy vibes of artists like DJ Shadow and Avicii, to the haunting textures of pioneers like Radiohead and Massive Attack, anything goes.
“Warp Rider” is a particularly awesome example of excellence, because Psyntst is seamlessly capable of producing tracks that are catchy and universally appealing, whilst never forgetting to keep an ear out for sonic experiments and innovative solutions.

This production captures all the energy and intelligence of Psyntst’s vision, going for a very atmospheric tone.

You can listen to ‘Warp Rider’ by Psyntst here: