Priye – Machete (Review)

Priye - Machete

Music review for Priye’s newest single ‘Machete’:

Check out Piriye’s cutting-edge single ‘Machete’ that is slicing up the competition with tight flows, witty metaphors and unpredictable production methodologies. The R&B emotive qualities infused with these hard style rap deliveries give this single a distinct edge in the forewind of where hip hop music is headed. The percussive virtues in the mix are not to be discounted as they keep Piriye honest while establishing a mode of intense precision that he executes with relentlessness and perfectionism. This was a pound for pound lyrical slaughter that was ignited over an ambient and atmospheric beat bringing out a plethora of multifaceted components that Piriye’s team expanded upon. This trap style attitude pays homage to older vintage modes of hip hop that were prevalent during its golden age in the 90s that true heads yearn for while crafting something original and authentic. The hyper dimensional flow patterns are unprecedented and Piriye utilizes his gift of dynamic faculties to transcend any critical acclaim on this single that will ultimately seamlessly segway deliberately into the highly anticipated full fledged album. Piriye has definitely found his true north in the music industry and fan/potential fans are eager to see what comes of the sudden transformation with a novel wave of rappers.

This latest single comes off of the new EP “We Was Good” which is now available to purchase. Stay tuned for more bangers from the upcoming singer!