Piriye – No Runnin’ (Review)


Piriye – No Runnin’ (Review): 

Piriye is an up and coming Alternative R&B crooner by way of Brooklyn New York. Producing and writing music for several years now he’s ready to step it up a notch and show that he’s up next. He releases the lead single for his upcoming EP “Milestones” due to come out in the coming weeks. His unique blend of R&B, pop and soul flows effortlessly on his latest single. Be sure to keep an eye out for him!



While the independent music scene has no shortage of pop music, it’s not often that an artist injects those stylings with heavy R&B and soul influence. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Piriye dubs himself an “alternative R&B crooner,” thus attempting to meld together several genres into a cohesive contemporary offering. By and large, Piriye succeeds at this, and one of his latest studio endeavors, a single entitled ‘No Runnin, is an elegant example.

To immediately address the weak link of No Runnin, it’s worth noting that it isn’t songWriting that Will be Winning any awards for its profound lyrical insight or prowess.

No Runnin’ is your run of the mill pop ballad about a beautiful woman; there isn’t anything particularly special about the subject matter of the single. There is certainly a place for that kind of music, however, lest we forget Marvin Gaye didn’t just put out What’s Going On, he also released ‘Sexual Healing.” Piriye’s song is more similar to the latter.

So, while No Runnin’ doesn’t have much depth, its production is rather excellent, as is Piriye’s performance. He’s got a slick, suave voice, and the tight production complements him nicely, too. No Runnin’ is scored by a landscape of atmospheric synthesizers and contemporary R&B beats. It’s important for a soulful song to have equally soulful instrumentation, and for the most part, Piriye accomplishes this. That said, I would love to hear his voice in a more intimate sonic settings without extensive production enhancements, which were certainly made to Piriye’s voice in this tune.

Listening to No Runnin’ on a quality sound system of some sort will prove a fruitful experience as well. There are light pieces of string orchestration and synthesizers that are quiet enough to be lost in translation on a cheap set-up. The song does a good job of not sounding especially sterile, either, which is often a problem with indie R&B. Piriye has a danceable R&B tune on hishandshere.

No Runnin’ isn’t perfect. The lyricism lacks some depth and I’d love to hear Piriye without vocal enhancement. Those potential issues are forgivable, though, because the indie scene doesn’t often get decent soul or R&B, and this is an excellent entry into that niche. It’s worth exploring for anyone who enjoys either genre. In fact, club DJs may Want to take note, too, because No Runnin’ Would fare Well on the dance floor.

Overall we love Piriye’s No Runnin’ and would recommend that you purchase the track below: