Philly K & Madi Rindge – California


Philly K & Madi Rindge – California: Originally hailing from Boston, Philly K made the move to Los Angeles 4 years ago. In those few years, this blue eyed soul singer/songwriter has made massive strides in the music world. What began with his first single “Be Cool” being placed in SiriusXM rotation, selling 8000+ units, and hitting #123 on Media Base has accelerated into a whirlwind of prolific output and collaboration.

From there he’s linked up with artists like The Weeknd, Rich Navaherdea, Teen Wolf, Shelco Garcia, and producers Kris McLachlan and The Diviners. Beatport charting, millions of Spotify plays, and a plethora of positive press has followed suit. All of this has placed Philly K on the precipice of catapulting into global stardom, with the eyes and the ears of both fans and the industry watching his every move.

As expected, Philly K has delivered in a big way. To start 2016 Philly K. started a new songwriting duo with pop/r&b singer Madi Rindge. They released their first single called “California,” which was featured on Indie Shuffle and many other prominent blogs as well as #11 on the Beatport Top 100 Charts.