Pale Monsters – All This Time We Wait (review)

Pale Monsters - All This Time We Wait (review)

Pale Monsters has just released their latest single ‘All This Time We Wait’ that has officially broken the seal of cognizant music providing significant optimism within the context of dire times for indy musicians/bands.

The integration of heavy guitar sounding melodies in compliance with the whirly synthesized signal processing established a fascinating projection of modern musicianship on this composition. The distorted frequencies provide a fullness to the mix that compliments each instrumental component agreeably with a sense of calculated transposition. The variable automated licks move unexpectedly throughout the track listing in unique maneuvers that is contingent upon the overall vision of the collective artistry that Pale Monster’s holds.

The Boston bravura is an apparent attribute to Pale Monsters recording set as they convey homage to their city connected through the independent music scene. The inherent passion of their music resonates through the timeless songwriting creative compacities embedded on this revolutionary piece.

This energy is harnessed and directed straight to the listening audience with driven attitude that is simply unparalleled in contemporary times. All This Time We Wait is a demonstration of the exciting future the indy genre has in its arsenal to transform sound in a positive motion towards a hopeful foresight of collectivized tuneage.

You can listen to ‘All This Time We Wait’ by Pale Monsters here: