Oxaï Roura – Afro-Himalayan 01: GanEshou (Review)

Oxaï Roura - Afro-Himalayan 01: GanEshou (Review)

ArtistRack reviews Afro-Himalayan 01: GanEshou by Oxaï Roura

GanEshou possesses a tribal element that factored in multiple third world sounds and provides a unique essence of real life clamors. The lushness of the analog instruments swells up in the composition providing a sense of fullness to the track’s substructure. It further displays the innovative capabilities of this artist in terms of challenging the conventional notion of traditional instrumentation within a mix. All the soundscapes were both interesting and captivating serving a sense of genuineness in the regularities that are often ignored through the noise of everyday life. The combination of fundamental songwriting peppered in with the natural order of sound is unified in a cohesive manner that taps into our primal enticements as humans. The deep intrinsic emotive qualities are apparent and surfaced through the impeccable engineering faculties. This single serves as a mantra of musical consciousness that flows through sound into the creative minds of music enthusiasts on an international platform of divine distribution. This is not something that will be caught in the mainstream but a significant push in the right direction of acquainted music. Oxai Roura has found his true north through his signature ethnomusic that utilizes complex approaches enhancing the spiritual aspects of those who indulge.


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Oxaï Roura Biography:

Born and raised in a multicultural family of artists poets & musicians, Oxaï Roura began to learn the art of drumming at the young age of three. ..

Fascinated by the ancient sacred african polyrythms and chants, he received serious teachings from some of the greatest masters of the drums:( Famoudou KONATE, Mamady KEÏTA,Maré SANOGO, Soungalo COULIBALY, Adama DRAME, Sega SIDIBE, Cece KOLY taught him Mandingo rythms and chants); and Orlando POLEO & Martha GALARRAGA taught him Yoruba chants and rythms (congas & batas)…

Immersed in learning the traditional ways while at the same time openly interested in varied music styles and genres, Oxaï performed gigs and made recordings with a lot of different kinds of bands (Metal, Reggae, Jazz and Jazz fusion, Salsa, Bossa-Nova, Traditional African music, Electro etc.) during his formative years, thus blending many genres into his musical palette.

Moreover, another important aspect of Oxaï Roura’s work consists in traveling the world as an ethnomusicologist (South Africa, Brasil & other parts of South America, Melanesia & Oceania…)in order to collect different kinds of endangered sonic forms.
Last but not least, during these ethnomusicological travels Oxaï improves, on one hand, his musical skills & theoretical knowledge with great local artists and, on the other hand, his comprehension of sonic wisdom.

Oxaï Roura utilizes his music as a spiritual tool which assists in the discovery of hidden things within the inner self. His creations are meant to entertain and bless as well promote the spiritual dimensions of human experience.



Since 2003, Oxaï Roura released several original albums & musical projects; here are some of them:

2003.”Exu” & “THE EXU EXPERIENCE. Atabaques’n bass Vol.1”.

This 1st single & this 1st E.P allowed Oxaï to officialise the birth of a new style he created: the ATABAQUES’N BASS style (a special mix of Afro-Brazilian mystical rythms and electronic sounds)…

Several songs of “The Exu Experience” have been used as original soundtracks for innovating afro-brazilian choreographies created by different brazilian choreographers/dancers, such as Andrea Serpa-Rouede (from Rio de Janeiro) & Neguinho (from Bahia).

Moreover, the song ‘Exu’ has been rewarded by the Fundaçao PIERRE VERGER in Bahia, Brazil…


In this project, Oxaï ROURA, Gustavo OVALLES (Omar Sosa) & Dominique VICCARO (Janysett Mc Pherson) mixed sacred Yoruba chants, Afro-Cuban rythms and electronic sounds. Together, they worked on new sonic forms such as “Bembelektro, Bembe Dub, Electrolumbia” etc.

The result of this creative work is a concert live Dvd; Originally available in South America only, all the songs contained in this dvd are now on Itunes, Amazon,Believe etc…

2008.”AFRO AMAZONIAN SPIRIT (Naturosophia)”.

This CD is the first recording of a new musical style Oxaï created and called AFROAMAZONIKA ( a mix of west african spiritual rythms, amazonian mystical chants & elements from Electronica)…

Several songs of this album have been used by dance companies as soundtracks for original choreographies (among them: Azamiah.Urban Contemporary Dance) and movies (like ‘Petrushka’s journey’, winner of a special european label named Intercultural Dialogue, and supported by ‘Identité, Parcours et Mémoires’)…

2010-2011. “MELANESIA X”.

This album is an original soundtrack created for the “Well’Come!” show performed by the Posuë dance company (New-Caledonia. South Pacific).

It is, in fact, a very unique music wich combines textures from the Electronic Outer Space, elements from Abstract Hip-Hop, Dub, Shamanic Colors and Hypnotic Sounds from the Pacific (New-Caledonia, New-Zealand, Papua, Vanuatu…).

The whole “Well’come!” show (Music and Dance) has been supported and rewarded by the A.D.C.K Nganjila Tjibaou Center; in fact, it was awarded the “Emergences 2010 prize” in New Caledonia (during the ‘Waan Danse Festival’) !

Nota Bene: The Tjibaou Cultural Centre is part of the Agency for the Development of Kanak Culture (ADCK). It strives for the development of Kanak and Pacific artistic creativity and acts as a centre for the diffusion of contemporary Kanak culture. It is also an influential centre for international art and intercultural exchange.

2016-2017. “Afro-Himalayan 01: GanEshou”.

When Ganesha meets Eshou
Africa Encounters the Himalayas
And Then: Everything Becomes Possible…

“Afro-Himalayan 01: GanEshou” is the 1st musical piece related to a brand new genre/style created by Oxaï Roura and called AFROHIMALAYAN.