NyoMii – Fokus

NyoMii – Fokus:

Born in Frankfurt, Germany to a French Caribbean Mother and a German Father, NyoMii was always attracted to music; “I’ve always wanted to sing since before I can remember, as a child I used to listen to music in my room and rehearse. Then I would go downstairs and get my Parents and whatever family or friends we had over and perform the songs for them.”
Growing up she lived in Frankfurt, London, and Seattle. She has also spent time in France and even faraway places like Thailand and the African Island of Cape Verde. Her travels and her ability to speak 3 languages exposed her to a vast range of different music which is helping her shape her sound. From Pop to R&B to Dancehall and even Afro-Beat, NyoMii is taking a few elements from each genre to make international music that everyone can enjoy.
She is currently moving back and forth between Frankfurt and Los Angeles as she records her debut E.P. with Grammy Award winning producer Brian Soko (known for producing Drunk in Love for Beyoncé). She is also signed to Young Global, Soko’s record label as the flagship artist. With her Debut single “Fokus” OUT NOW, NyoMii is ready to share her music with the World!