Melany Thompson – Memories of Home (Review)

Melany Thompson - Memories of Home (Review)

Check out this music review of the new album, ‘Memories of Home’ released by Melany Thompson

An hauntingly beautiful piano solo album.

Pianist and composer Melany Thompson recently released an album titled “Memories of Home.” This record is a collection of 11 original tracks, highlighting Melany’s masterful musicianship as well as her emotional approach to performing. Some of her songs on this release are actually deceptively simple. Some players try to impress the audience by using faster tempos and featuring many notes for effects. However, Melany is more about creating a mood with her tracks. She can seamlessly move from sparse tones, to sections that are more complex and articulate, composing from her heart and soul, rather than from a desire to simply show off her skills. As a result, “Memories From Home” is a joy to listen to, from top to bottom.

The opening track, “Autumn Dancing,” is a sweet and melodic composition with a cinematic feel to it. The tempo feels like a 3/4 signature, which gives it a very floaty, dreamy feel. The next track, “Dream,” has a more vocal and expressive approach to melodic phrasing. It is almost as if the piano was a storyteller, and each note was an important part of the story. The title track itself is one of the album’s most accomplished songs, showcasing Melany’s incredible versatility as an artist and pianist alike.

“Timeless (The Wedding Song)” is yet another highlight. I love the simplicity of this arrangement, and more importantly, the track feels like one of the most soulful and emotional pieces on the entire record. There is a beautiful contrast between the sparse bass notes and the expressive leads, giving the track a lot of movement. A wedding is often a couple’s most memorable day, and this song captures that feeling to perfection.

“Falling” is one of our personal favorites here, and what’s special about this release is definitely the fact that the rhythm keeps building up, with the piano going from sparse and soft-spoken, to louder and bigger dynamics. Fans of artists such as Ludovico Einaudi will love this one.

As the title might imply, “Running Free” is actually the most uplifting track on this release. The beautiful melody slightly reminds us of a song named “Samskeyti” by the band Sigur Ros, only more sophisticated, faster, and with a more nuanced focus on the dynamics of the piano itself as a solo instrument.

“Tear of an Angel,” another favorite, is a dynamic and forward-thinking composition that brings so much pathos to this release. The melodic interplay between the different parts is majestic. At times melancholic, at times glorious and uplifting, this song is a perfect example of Melany’s versatility and musicianship.

“A Life Time Ago” follows along the same lines, and it continues the momentum to perfection, offering a more introspective moment and breaking the flow of the album in a nice way. “Lucy’s Lullaby” is a hopeful and sweet track that really makes you experience that warm feeling of being close to your family or loved ones. This is a beautifully evocative song, which highlights Melany’s connection to her amazing material.

“Fallen” is a darker composition with a more somber mood, but it is most definitely not a gloomy track at all. We love how it leads to the last song on the record, “New Life,” which is a perfect conclusion to this beautiful and evocative piano solo album.

If you enjoy the work of composers such as the aforementioned Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi, or Alexander Desplat, you are definitely going to enjoy this release!

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Melany started piano lessons at the age of four, and spent many of her early childhood years performing in music eisteddfods and recitals.
At the age of 11, Melany performed at the Sydney Opera House in a concert for young performers, but after completing her AMEB 6th grade exam at the age of 12, Melany put formal piano lessons on hold to pursue other sporting and creative activities.
Preferring to play for leisure, Melany began composing her own music a few years later. Although she studied music at school and at university for a short time, Melany did not pursue a formal career in music, however it remained a passionate hobby.
A corporate career in marketing and communications, marriage and two kids later, Melany has returned to her passion and fulfilled her dream to record an album of her original music.
Memories of Home is a collection of peaceful and evocative piano pieces, recorded at Underwood Studio in the picturesque Blue Mountains, where Melany grew up. She dedicates the album to her biggest fans – her loving family who have always supported her and provided much inspiration for her songs.
Melany hopes to now inspire her own two children through music. “I want my children to grow up knowing they don’t have to wait for permission or for someone to tell them they are good enough before they follow their dreams.”