MCSVG – Can’t Let Go

Check out the latest single by MCSVG titled: Can’t Let Go

Can’t Let Go was written from the perspective of someone trying to reach you, their loved one, in the struggle of PTSD, this song captures the progressive desperation that is often hidden behind closed doors. Layers of musical metaphors and scraps of poetry are composed as a floatation device, holding your head above water long enough to regain sight of the nearest lighthouse. A candle in the darkness, a wholesome voice finds you alone, offering to guide you home. Groovy bass line, gristly guitar and punchy drummer set the pace on a journey both far from home and near the heart. Orchestral strings and horns enrichen the soundtrack with soaring emotion. Resounding guitar solo and hysterical rock drums drive you through pandemonium as warm vocals escalate to a firestorm. Finally, the cathedral organ paves the last leg with a choir of horns announcing your arrival. In a time of transcending global trauma, Can’t Let Go was written, with love, for the world.