Mark Hamilton – One More Light

Mark Hamilton’s new Linkin Park cover, “One More Light” is available now! 

Mark Hamilton is a London-based artist that has just released “One More Light,” a cover in tribute of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

This stunning rendition is part of a series of cover songs that Mark has been curating, exploring the deep impact of mental illness on the artistic community. In his career, Mark uses the power of music to spread awareness of mental illness and break the stigma, silence, and shame that comes with it.

So many artists have been lost to mental illness or severe drug abuse. Perhaps, lives would have been saved if these people had been encouraged to talk to someone and seek help. Mark is passionate about connecting with people and speaking truthfully and authentically through his songs about these important issues.

Along with this Linkin Park Mark also recorded songs from other artists who passed away due to suicide.

Mark is trying to raise awareness, #breakthestigma and start talking about mental illness.

Listen to “One More Light” and follow Mark Hamilton on his socials to keep updated with his musical campaign!