Tag: Folk Music

Ryan Edmond – From the Start

Ryan Edmond presents his exciting new single, 'From the Start' Ryan Edmond is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who hails from the small town of Rockingham, Western...

Dalby – Junction Town Blues

Dalby is back with a new single, 'Junction Town Blues' Haunting organ paints the picture of this rust belt town. 13 year old songwriter Dalby...

Joshua Hope – They Drink the Wine

Joshua Hope presenting his new single, 'They Drink the Wine' Joshua Hope of the band Lanterns of Hope. https://open.spotify.com/track/7xCvdG9NR0O8NKSGtErqCv FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

Lanterns of Hope – Sea Song

Check out the single, 'Sea Song' by Lanterns of Hope The newest single by Northwest neo-folk act Lanterns of Hope. https://open.spotify.com/track/7CbDt4iVAyMvjJ0ydSTosJ FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

Vast Ecliptic Planes – Hello Reflection

Check out the new single, ' Hello Reflection' released by Vast Ecliptic Planes Sounds from The Ecliptic. Originated in Indianapolis, Indiana. Traveling with the winds....

Colby Dean – Will I Go

Colby Dean introduces the Official Music Video for his new single, 'Will I Go' Born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Colby Dean comes...

Sam Sims – Breathe

Sam Sims drops an exciting new single titled, 'Breathe' This folk-pop track illustrates a philosophy that encourages listeners to relax and enjoy life. This song describes...

Ben Tansing – Lights Down Low

Ben Tansing presents his exciting new single, 'Lights Down Low' Singer/Songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia https://open.spotify.com/track/1hHdRu1HtjZdfPyGSBCaFh PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK

Gillian Krystal – Feed Your Soul

Gillian Krystal releasing brand new single, “Feed Your Soul.” Passionate, emotional, pure. These are only some of the 3 words that comes to mind when...

Gedalya – Pulling Strings

Gedalya introduces his new album, 'Pulling Strings' Gedalya is a folk rock singer/songwriter based in New York. Exploring themes of faith, hardships, and growth, his...


The Honest Rest - Judgement Dayvideo

The Honest Rest – Judgement Day

The Honest Rest presenting the official music video for, 'Judgement Day'  Judgement Day is the first song of the second EP of The Honest Rest....
El Mo3 - Prescient

El Mo3 – Prescient

El Mo3 drops his exciting new single, 'Prescient' Morgan Greenburger, better known as DJ ElMo3, is a New York based sober DJ and producer.  While...
ChampWorld - ChampWorld

ChampAngelo – ChampWorld

ChampAngelo presenting his new release, 'ChampWorld'  Wusup aye its the Ghost wit da Most or Da Most wit da Ghost Don BIG CHAMP CHAMPANGELO with my...
Kuri0us G3orge - C4n't Wait

Kuri0us G3orge – C4n’t Wait

Kuri0us G3orge presenting his single, 'C4n't Wait' FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK
Tamika Hustle - Project 7

Tamika Hustle – Project 7

Tamika Hustle releases her exciting new album, 'Project 7' I am an artist who writes her own lyrics, does her own production, her own mixing...
Stephanie Falcone - Revival

Stephanie Falcone – Revival

Stephanie Falcone presenting her exciting new single, 'Revival' My name is Stephanie Falcone. I'm a singer/songwriter living in Maui by way of Nashville, originally from...
Fly Street Jay - She The Bag

Fly Street Jay – She The Bag

Fly Street Jay releases brand new single, 'She The Bag' “She The Bag“ is my new single it’s a twist of Hip Hop and R&B. https://open.spotify.com/track/5oebfEM0utbCtABj81h5Qh?si=81RT6pVJTYCTi75Qu5al0Q FOLLOW...


NIGHTBREAKERS show their emotional side with the heart-felt ballad 'Nashville'. The song serves as an epic conclusion to their 'No More Sad' EP. https://open.spotify.com/track/64UihsvjRrqUOIpRlBteHh?si=oaZMdCFjRgyz-7S3u3Xo7A PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW...

44 – Empires

44 presents the Official Music Video for new single, 'Empires' 44 is an independent Irish alt-pop project founded by Harrison & Leon. While 44 is...
Cinoevil - Tired

Cinoevil – Tired

Cinoevil introduces his new single titled, 'Tired' Cinoevil is a recording artist from New Jersey. He writes his own lyrics, produces his own beats, records,...
TAXMANE - Lonely

TAXMANE – Lonely

TAXMANE proudly presents his new single, 'Lonely' Canadian rapper huckin’ out bars on the grounds of Ontario. That real rap. https://open.spotify.com/track/7edEDaormBzhBidzQLBIr5 FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE
Knightro - The Reign

Knightro – The Reign

Knightro proudly presents his new single, 'The Reign' According to Mississippi rap artist known as Knightro, a new reign is coming in the realm of...

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