Marie Möör and The Other Colors – Who Am I? (Review)

Marie Möör and The Other Colors - Who Am I? (Review)

ArtistRack reviews ‘Who Am I?’ by  Marie Möör and The Other Colors:

Marie Möör and The Other Colors ascertain the commercial collective inspiring the musical obsession to consolidate French pop towards it’s purest form.

The synthesized music is fused with elements of filtered percussive components that resonate under the mix with high pitched sirens sounds and impressively intelligent monologues. Likewise, these sounds blend into a fiery multicultural journey of music documenting the new premium of French pop music through outlandish ambition.

The French romantic accent adds a unique architecture of foundation to “Who Am I” holding the platform in place for this band to maneuver accordingly. The audacious harmonies layer with an inventive signature of mantras synchronized with a complex tempo pattern. The theatrical experience provided an improvised context to the music with interludes weaving in and out at unexpected durations within the composition making for a more interesting dynamic.

Marie Möör & The Other Colors develop a serene performance while staying grounded to her lucid being while encapsulating her true talent through the voice of instrumentation and melodious vocals.

You can listen to ‘Who Am I?’ by Marie Möör and The Other Colors here: