Malik Gita – The Kasi Mixtape, Vol. 1 (Review)

Malik Gita - The Kasi Mixtape, Vol. 1 (Review)

ArtistRack reviews ‘The Kasi Mixtape, Vol. 1’ by Malik Gita:

Malik Gita is a rapping prodigy that executes bare bones musicianship in terms of his exceptional ability to initiate intricate stories in the form of rhythmic delivery incorporated through his lyricism.

Malik’s fascinating account dives into the pipe dream depiction of an up-and-coming phenomenon on this album – His music possesses an esoteric meaning that resonates on a deeper level for the listening audience. His compassion for humanity is an apparent facet as each song contains a personal responsibility to wake people up through creative expression.

He infiltrates lively aspects of culture into his music that mesh with the global collective union to resonate the struggle of average people against the imbalanced system. His educational constituencies never falter behind and remain robust within his visionary conquest to wake the masses from their slumber.

His abilities to twist complicated rhyme schemes into a palatable arrangement is an impressive component of this revolutionary artist. In addition, he wants to make his journey known internationally and revert rap to its fullest potential by providing top notch music. His cognizant awareness is sparked through his production instrumentation and meaningful rap bars.

Malik’s music will pull mainstream rappers off their pedestal cultivating true talent in the music industry catered to improving people’s lives through spoken words alone.

You can listen to The Kasi Mixtape, Vol.1 here: