LUCKY! – Faded!

LUCKY! introducing brand new studio single, Faded!

March 2020 – LUCKY! is an artist, rapper and singer based in New York City. He recently released a brand new single titled “Faded!” which sets the bar higher in terms of melodies, aesthetics and production.

The song immediately hits with a punch and massive low end. The bass is thick and fat, but it still does not overpower the other elements in the mix. Most notably, the vocal performance offers a distinctive taste of the artist’s unique attitude and one-of-a-kind creative sensibilities.

He is able to combine melodic vocal lines inspired by pop and R&B, but he also has a special way to bring a touch of hip-hop to his formula, maxing out the energy level of his releases. “Faded!” is a perfect example of his sound and it is one of those songs that are certainly going to please fans of modern rap, pop, and R&B alike.

If you like artists such as XXXTENTACION, as well as Drake and Big Sean, you are definitely going to enjoy the sound and feel of this release, which is now available on Youtube, as well as other music streaming platforms on the web.