Leez bandit & Demi_God Dex – What’s the Word (Review)

Check out this Review of the new single ‘What’s The Word’ released by Leez bandit & Demi_God Dex 

Raw, yet melodic hip-hop with a modern flair.

Leez bandit & Demi_God Dex joined forces to create a fantastic hip-hop release, “What’s The Word.” This single is pure fire, as it combines modern elements with timeless old-school energy.

The song, which is also accompanied by a matching music video, has a powerful sound that makes me think of modern trap and neo-soul. If you are a fan of artists such as Joey Basa$$, Rick Ross or Chance The Rapper, you are definitely going to enjoy this release.

One of the most distinctive things about “What’s The Word” is definitely the fact that this song combines energy and melody in equal doses, giving the listeners a very balanced experience. The beat is gritty and absolutely in-your-face. On the other hand, the soaring lyrical flow alternates perfectly with some melodic lines, bringing a different texture to the mix.

These talented artists came together to create something really remarkable, and their new release should definitely make it onto your hottest hip-hop playlists!

Check out “What’s The Word” here