Laura Marie – Stars Apart

Laura Marie - Stars Apart

ArtistRack reviews ‘Stars Apart’ by Laura Marie:

Laura Marie’s songwriting on these compositions contain introspective elements that emit powerful transfigurations of eternal harmonies levitating contemporary folk music to the perpetual scenery.

The instrumentals provide a tranquil feel to the music but provide a sense of cinematic folk that is used to sedate the audience with relaxing bliss. The optimistic conceptualizations of her music are contrasted with a subtle weariness riding underneath in a sub context of tenor and genuineness. The emotions resonate from the heart with the cognition emitting from her creative mind into one cohesive form of self-expression through several competing instruments.

Furthermore, some of these tracks may be inaccessible audible to the superficial listeners as the time and dedication that went into the songwriting is both complicatedly progressive and surreal. In other words, the artist’s intention was to cultivate something of exquisiteness through the music that came into fruition towards from the album’s opening remarks to its fateful conclusion. The tonal switches in melodies were apparent and projected into evocative landscapes through the mystical reverberated motion of frequency distribution. Paired with song structural synchronization the songwriting is simply unmatched within this genre.

Laura Marie has set herself “Stars Apart” on this vivid LP and will continue to do so with that unparalleled musical touch that artists hanker for.

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Laura Marie releases ‘Stars Apart’

“You called me honest, said that makes me dangerous…”

Pop-folk singer songwriter Laura Marie is adept at turning the ups and downs of human interaction into beautifully compelling works of art. Stars Apart, her latest full album release and 5th as a solo artist, is both retrospective and introspective, sketching out the intricacies of her personal relationships in a way that is both touching and relatable. The single “Honest” is a true story/song nominated as a regional finalist in the NewSong Music contest.

Laura Marie grew up in South Texas steeped in poetry and music. She is an Independent Music Award winner, winner of the OurStage Texas Lilith Fair Competition and a regional finalist in the NewSong Music contest twice over. Her music has been licensed to network television on TLC and with Bunim/Murray Producions and M Cable Television.