Kate Magdalena – The Water Is Wide

Kate Magdalena - The Water Is Wide
[ARTISTRACK PREMIERE] Kate Magdalena introducing her brand new album: The Water Is Wide.

Kate Magdalena is an artist and songwriter hailing from Sebastopol, California. This talented singer is really all about using her music to channel her feelings and connect with the audience on a more emotional level. Kate is freshly out of the studio, as she recently completed her third full-length album. The new project is titled “The Water Is Wide,” and it gives the audience an insightful taste into her stylistic affinity for folk, roots music, as well as many other contemporary styles with a vintage heart.

Kate teamed up with producer Billy Smiley, who helped her unleash the very best in her performances and song arrangements! This album is indeed akin to a true sonic journey, where every song is like a beautiful destination. If you are a fan of artists such as Gillian Welsh, Joni Mitchell, and Joan Baez, you are surely going to appreciate Kate’s spontaneous songwriting that drives this beautifully produced record.

Find out more about Kate Magdalena, and do not miss out on her most recent studio album, “The Water Is Wide,” which is going to be available on the 14th of August, 2020.

Take a little drive, roll down your window, and enjoy these songs. Listen to them with your family. Make time to slow down, break away from the news and social media, and let the harmonies and melodies wash over you.