Kate Magdalena – The Water Is Wide (Review)

Kate Magdalena - The Water Is Wide

Music Review for the brand new studio release: The Water is Wide by Kate Magdalena

August 2020 – Kate Magdalena is the kind of artist who is always looking to express herself through her music and offer something more than just a remarkable performance. She has a true focus on setting the bar higher and creating a special listening experience for the audience, and her new project, “The Water is Wide” is actually an outstanding example of what I am talking about here.

The sound of the album is immediately striking due to its organic qualities. I am always a huge fan of folk-inspired records that aren’t over-produced, and this definitely seems to be the case here. The idea is really to highlight Kate’s natural dynamics, and the charisma of her vocals, not to mention the beautiful characteristics of her natural vocal parts. I think that this way, the music is so much more authentic and easy to relate to, and when putting on “The Water is Wide,” I definitely get a deeper sense of connection with the artist, and with what Kate’s trying to acheive with her beautiful songwriting.

If you like the sound of artists such as Joni Mitchell, as well as Ani DiFranco and other icons such as Joan Baez, this one is definitely going to be a perfect addition to your heavy rotation. In addition to the beautiful lyrics and heartfelt message of the song, Kate is a stunning icon who really sets the bar higher with a production value that’s completely hitting the mark!

Find out more about Kate Magdalena and do not miss out on The Wider is Wide, as well as other releases from this one-of-a-kind artist. This release is currently available on Spotify, and other digital streaming platforms on the web.