Kate Magdalena – Shores of Avalon (Review)

Kate Magdalena - Shores of Avalon

Music review for the brand new studio single: Shores of Avalon by Kate Magdalena

June 2020 – Kate Magdalena is a singer and songwriter who has been charming her audiences with some unique melodies and soothing arrangement with an atmospheric twist. Her dreamy song “Shores of Avalon” is actually a perfect example of her sonic vision and a great taste of her creative direction. Kate is all about setting the bar higher with some astonishing song arrangements, and more importantly, she uses her creativity to create music that connects with the audience on a deeper, more emotional level.

This is a song that will speak to your heart, painting beautiful pictures with sound and carrying you over to someplace else – A magical destination such as Avalon, where legends are born. This is a very creative composition, which ultimately highlights Kate’s genius and her willingness to explore new ideas with her songs, setting the bar higher with every release that she puts out. “Shore of Avalon” is no exception and it feels like a unique taste of her craft.

Find out more about Kate Magdalena, and do not pass up on “Shores of Avalon,” which is going to be available from the 26th of June, 2020.