Kate Magdalena – Dry Land (Review)

Kate Magdalena - Dry Land

Music review for the new song, ‘Dry Land‘ released by talented Kate Magdalena

 Kate Magdalena’s music speaks to the heart. Her songs are personal and often feature lyrics that come from her experiences, dreams, hopes and emotions. Although the songs obvious come from such personal place, they are actually so easy to relate to, and they connect with people, regardless of their backgrounds or even their music listening habits.

Ultimately, Kate’s new single, “Dry Land” confirms her uniqueness on the music scene, giving the audience a new introduction to her own brand of contemporary music. Last, but definitely not least, the song is also fueled by a fantastic approach to production. The instrumental track is full and balanced, and it matches Kate’s vocals to perfection. She sings with passion and thoughtfulness, going for a big, sultry and iconic vibe. She knows how to step down from the gas when needed, and she is often able to create a nice quiet-to-loud balance with her music. This is definitely the case here!

Find out more about Kate Magdalena, and do not miss out on Dry Land. You will be able to find this song on Spotify, as well as on many other places around the web, so stay tuned!