Kash Jay – Ninja Girl Ft Michael McGraw, Judah7 & Rashaun Will (Review)

Kash Jay - Ninja Girl Ft Michael McGraw, Judah7 & Rashaun Will (Review)

ArtistRack reviews ‘Kash Jay – Ninja Girl Ft Michael McGraw, Judah7 & Rashaun Will’

Kash Jay fortified an original wave of hip hop infused electronic pop music that is transforming the modern expectations of authentic sound. The pristine automation of panning positions was especially impressive as it gave the EP a liveliness through the use fluidity that remain constant throughout the track duration’s substructure. Furthermore, the production techniques alternate favorably through the mixes meshing a minimalist approach with an overamplified vigor and assertiveness. An element of Asian culture is embedded into Ninja Girl that establishes stimulating chord progressions that are not adhered to in western songwriting faculties. In addition, this EP possessed a specific niche to target while paying significant respect to other cultures while declaring their own panache to the forefront. The rap flows bound through the singles without losing a step and add substantial momentum to each track without any sort of interference in production quality. The collaborative efforts of all the musicians work in unison towards the goal of timeless music that transcends industry standards straight to the airwaves of potential electronic/hip hop heads. The combination of real instrumentation with vintage devices creates an exclusive dynamic through the use of modern synthesizers and third world orchestral performances. This is not an ordinary EP as it contains multiple elements to each song condensed into a 3 track extended play that is merely a sample of this team’s potential – There is much more to come when the full-fledged album is dispersed as it will revolutionize the modern conception of sound.


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