Joshua Francis – Your Ghostwriter’s In The Sky

Joshua Francis - Your Ghostwriter's In The Sky

One quarter into a self-imposed sentence of 28 years for the murder of Mark Mulcahy in 2012. Repentance, penitence and reparations are the order of the day. This record, Joshua Francis’ first foray into EDM, co-produced with Mr Wonderful, chronicles the rise of a drunken fool, caged by addiction and apathy, from taking requests in saloons to a Christian soldier. Demons cast aside, a civil war becomes ideological, theological and conspiratorial. Joshua Fits The Battle for everyone and everything he cares about. Especially the truth. He consults an old sage, Mr Chris Lambrianou, on the unbreakable spirit of humans and the transcendence of entrapment, through Your Ghostwriter In The Sky. Jesus. We live in the mot dangerous time ever. So he thought, “I better make this fun!”.
Joshua knows what he has done. He was Mark Mulcahy. Some people even death don’t want.
By Christ, he’s changed!
Samantha Francis, for The Council of Scoundrels and the reverse Faustian pact. 11/9/2019
Produced by Joshua Francis and Mr Wonderful.
All instruments and vocals: Joshua Francis, except:
Treflyn Jones – Guitar and Backing Vocals on 8.
GJS Arrangement and all instruments on 11.
Christopher Lambrianou, Guest Vocal on 11.
All songs written by Joshua and Samantha Francis except:
2. Traditional Arranged Francis
6. Joshua Francis/Jim Heald
7. Joshua Francis/Christopher Lambrianou.
Special thanks to Guy & Mark Radford, Maureen Flanagan Cox, Chris Lambrianou, Rob Themanager, Dave Courtney, Larry Magee and Charles Salvador for inspiration and for keeping this year interesting.
Copyright Council of Scoundrels and Flame CCR 1521mw