Joshua Francis – The Second Book Of Lambentations: Methuselah Youngman, Live On The Ark

The simple truth that dreams and fantasies, if only realised, can become tangible, offers us the luxury of concept albums. this album requires but one suspension of disbelief. A leap of faith if thou wilt…

Premise: Noah’s grandfather Methuselah has stowed away upon the Ark. And so the son of the prophet Enoch is now required to wake up all aboard so they are aroused less violently upon collision with Mount Ararat. In approximately 40 minutes time. It’s the story of the three passovers thus far disguised as a gig on a boat! For some animals. Buy it or don’t buy it? It’s all the same to me. It’s FREE! It’s set in the past but it’s a present!
Give Peach a chance!

For Raithe Mulcahy and Evie Paige. To Toto and Chris.

Written & produced by Joshua and Samantha Francis

Copyright Council of Scoundrels Productions and Flame 1521 MW CCR
Passover, 2019

All instruments & vocals: Joshua Francis
Cover: Samantha Francis