Jordan E. Spivack – Lucky Day (feat. Christine McHoes) (Review)

Jordan E. Spivack - Lucky Day (feat. Christine McHoes)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Lucky Day ‘ by Jordan E. Spivack featuring Christine McHoes

Jordan E. Spivack is a talented singer and songwriter with a passion for creating warm and appealing songs that have a deep focus on engaging storytelling. The song is impressive due to the uplifting and bright quality of the melodies, not to mention the lyrics and the vivid imagery that the song is able to convey. The artist doesn’t need a lot to create something special, and it is precisely his ability to do “more with less” that makes his music so special and endearing.

He recently joined forces with artist Christine McHoes, as the pair released a lush new single named “Lucky Day.” This is a very uplifting and inspiring song, which allow the two artists to shine individually, but also highlight the depth of their chemistry. What’s really special about this song is the fact that the melodies are catchy and immediately appealing, connecting with the audience through a smooth touch, yet still delivering some energy to the listeners.

If you are a sucker for a good pop hook and some brilliantly composed melodies, chances are, you are going to love “Lucky Day.” A lot of passion went into the making of this song, and the quality of this production is admirable. Music is something that can really get us all together, and a song like this is actually much-needed, especially in these crazy times, when the world is on the edge. We could all use a “Lucky Day” indeed”

We definitely recommend checking out the work of Jordan E. Spivack, especially this relelease. Do not miss out on Lucky Day (featuring Christine McHoes,) which is now available on Spotify and on other music streaming platforms on the web.