John Korbel – Bourbon Street Taps

John Korbel - Bourbon Street Taps

John Korbel’s smooth release “Bourbon Street Taps” is a must for jazz lovers!

Floridian-artist John Korbel has just released a brand new song, “Bourbon Street Taps,” also featured on the EP by the same name. This is a spirited record that explores jazz and rock, which is all tied together with John’s stellar song writing and performance. The title track itself is a perfect example of what the mood of this music is all about.

The song has an upbeat jazz twist, which takes the listener on an audio journey to the warm, lively, and bustling Bourbon Street in the historical French Quarter, New Orleans. However, there is a note of nostalgia in the song, as John mourns the loss of the true spirit of the city, as tourism has dramatically changed its landscape and cultural makeup.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this song is the fact that the vocals and the instrumentals work together so seamlessly, creating a beautifully evocative soundscape, which sets the bar higher in terms of production and ambiance.

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