John Gordon – Missing Me (Review)

John Gordon - Missing Me (Review)

John Gordon releasing new song, Missing Me.

May 2020 – John Gordon is a singer and artist with a focus on creating personal songs, often inspired by his own life and experiences. This appears to be the case of his brand new single release, “Missing Me,” which is the artist’s most recent studio single.

The song features a jazzy overtone with a soul and R&B vibe, which makes us think of artists as diverse as Al Green and John Legend, only to mention but a few. There is something quite special about the openness of this arrangement. The guitar and the organ in the background especially give the song a nice 60s flavor, throwing back to the days of Motown.

This track expertly combines vintage aesthetics with a more contemporary flair, going for a spontaneous and direct tone that truly showcases John’s excellent vocal performance. He takes flight with his singing dynamics, and he sounds easy to relate to and incredibly charismatic, aided by some stellar background vocal parts to spice things up as well.

Find out more about John Gordon, and listen to “Missing Me,” which is currently available on the web.