John dee – Yea Yea (Review)

John dee - Yea Yea (Review)

Check out this music review of the new song: Yea Yea by Hip-Hop artist John Dee which is taken off his full album ‘Im Here’

May 2020: John Dee is an artist who focuses on creating rap music that combines new and old elements, with a broad and direct creative scope. The song kicks off with a soothing old-school synth intro and the instrumental is truly intriguing, going for a more organic tone, far form the usual copy-pasted trap patterns popping up like mushrooms on Soundcloud and the likes.

There is a deeper sense of artistry here, and John’s music has a more soulful vibe, making me think of masters such as Biggie smalls, especially because of the personable flow of his vocal delivery. John’s music has the essence of the golden age years of rap, and he is here to carry that fire for a new generation of listeners.

If you like the music of artists like Jay Z, as well as Drake or Kanye West, this one is going to be a great fit with your tastes.

Check out “Yea Yea,” and listen to John Dee’s music, which is now available on streaming platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify.