John Chaney III – God Never Bleeds (Review)

Check out the music review of the new single, ‘God Never Bleeds’ released by John Chaney III

John Chaney III is a singer and songwriter who is arguably extremely passionate about his material. In fact, his releases have a really striking personal sound, and you can tell that he wholeheartedly feels the magic of his compositions. His most recent studio release is a track named “God Never Bleeds.”

The first thing that you will notice is the amazing sound of the bass, which combines funky rhythms with deep notes. The drum pattern is also quite exciting, with a focus on bringing different musical worlds together, including jazz, new wave, and electronic music. There is also a really exciting progressive twist to this release, especially coming through in the diverse range of instruments which fuels the song. From beautiful acoustic drums, to stunning synth tones, vocals, and other effects, anything goes. This is a great example of creating music that doesn’t follow the usual cliches and set structures, resulting into something that’s far more interesting and diverse!

You can listen to ‘God Never Bleeds’ here