Jim Marcotte Music – The Light

Jim Marcotte Music introducing brand new single, “The Light”

Jim Marcotte is a singer and songwriter based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in creating music that feels melodic yet energetic and earnest, inspired by folk, pop, rock, and more. His 2015 album release, “Own It,” marks Jim’s debut on the music scene.

He has been performing ever since he was only a kid, but later focused on his music career after relocating to the Seattle area. He had the chance to perform extensively throughout the local scene, building a nice following with his music and setting the bar higher with every show. Whether he performs solo or with a full band, Jim knows how to give the audience an amazing experience. He has the right charisma and presence to charm the audience and hooks them up with the sheer compositional quality of his songs and the authenticity of his vocal performances.

Recently, Jim announced the release of a new studio single titled “The Light.” This song sets the bar higher and marks yet another milestone in his fast-paced career. The song immediately stands out due to its melodic and soothing arrangement, tipping the hat off to artists such as Wilco, Elliott Smith or John Lennon, only to mention a few. The beautiful piano chords and the atmospheric sounds of this release are a perfect match with Jim’s vocals, and the song hits the mark with a touching arrangement.

“The Light” is featured on Jim’s new EP, “Hidden,” which is now available on the web.

Fans of artists as diverse as The Beatles, John Mayer, or Coldplay are going to connect with Jim’s unique style and unapologetic lyricism, often connecting with the audience on a deeper level.
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