Jessamyn Orchard – Consequences EP

Jessamyn Orchard - Consequences EP

Jessamyn Orchard – Consequences EP:

Missouri-native Jessamyn Orchard’s Consequences EP is a conceptual and intentionally minimalistic acoustic and poetic exploration of the deep emotional and physical consequences we face daily in the pressures of life, love, and loss. The track “One More Time” features a passionate tenor saxophone solo by Ryan Dunn well worth the album purchase on its own. The first single, “Ain’t A Kick,” was inspired by the Beat Generation novel Junky by William S. Burroughs, and the haunting track “Be Satisfied” is a song which explores the famous consequences in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

This inspiration from literature stems from Orchard’s background as a former English teacher, and recent inspiration due to her involvement with Wild Bob’s Musical Book Club in Springfield. “One More Time,” “The Terrorist,” “No More Mixtapes,” and “Sleep,” are all very personal songs to Orchard, having written them directly from personal experiences as a deeply sensitive lover and a passionately resentful insomniac.