Jaycent D Brock – Joyride (Review)

Jaycent D Brock - Joyride (Review)

Jaycent D Brock is back on the scene with a new song: Joyride check out this music review for the new single

Jaycent D Brock is a singer and songwriter with a passion for timeless R&B. His songs tip the hat off to classic artists like Ray Charles, Al Green or Stevie Wonder, but also with a modern feel, like Usher or Bruno Mars, among others.

Jaycent has been busy in the recording studio, and he released a handful of quality tunes, including his most recent single, “Joyride,” which is now available on the web. On “Joyride,” Jaycent explores some of the most melodic aspects of his voice, going for a sultry and evocative style. Even the production is amazing, bringing a nostalgic feel to the song, but still maintaining some very high energy levels. This is a perfect song for fans of that iconic 90s R&B aesthetic, giving it a very masterful and organic twist.

This song is incredibly accomplished and diverse, hitting the mark on multiple standpoints. What I love about Jaycent’s dynamic voice is the fact that listeners can really feel the passion in his delivery, and discover how much he is truly connected with the feel of his music.

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