Javian J – Chase This Bag

Javian J introducing a brand new studio single: Chase This Bag.

Javian J is an artist and songwriter who is currently based in London, UK. He is originally from Jamaica, and he brought along his musical background in his new home base, blending in UK hip-hop with influences such as Dancehall and Reggae. As a result, his sound is incredibly charismatic and groove-driven, bringing a lot of depth and focus to his delivery, while also subverting the usual cliches and genre definitions. His most recent studio single, “Chase This Bag,” is definitely a good taste of his diverse twist.

If you are a fan of reggae rhythms that explore different directions, you might definitely enjoy this particularly new release by Javian J, an artist who has consistently showcased a lot of charisma and his willingness to keep exploring new ideas and creative directions, but without necessarily losing track of the musical background that has inspired him in the very first place.

Find out more about Javian J, and do not miss out on “Chase This Bag.” The track has been posted to Spotify, as well as other digital music streaming platforms.