Jason Spinner – Asteria (Review)

Jason Spinner - Asteria (Review)

Check out the music review for the upcoming single, ‘Asteria’ released by Jason Spinner

Jason Spinner is a music producer with a focus on creating modern EDM music. He recently announced the release of a new song titled Asteria. This is going to be the first release for the artist in 2020, and in fact, it is going to be his first musical output of the year, which is bound to be one for the books.

The song combines elements of styles as diverse as deep house, tech, and many more. At the core of the concept lays the artist’s ability to create some exciting sonic coordinates, where every element in the mix is balanced and distinctive. The low end is as big and blooming as you would expect from some of the best modern EDM music out there. However, Jason’s style is far from sticking to the usual cliches of the genre. He always looks for new ideas to incorporate into his music, taking his songwriting and production to the next level. The song has a fast-paced introduction, which has a classic club vibe to it. However, it soon morphs into a stunningly beautiful crescendo. There is a soaring soundscape of music, hitting the listener with a big, cinematic feel before the main groove kicks in at full blast. What I love about this style is that you really would not expect such a dynamic range and such a strong focus on creating an emotional response. The lush string-like pads and expressive piano chords are amazing, and they create a cool contrast with the song’s loudest parts.

Asteria is going to be available from the first of January, starting the new year with a bang.

Artist Bio

Jason Spinner is a talented Progressive House and Trance EDM artist from Tampa, FL with a passion for music. He grew up in Detroit during the height of the Motor City Techno scene and was heavily influenced by one artist in particular, DJ Jeff Mills (The Wizard). From the first time Jason witnessed Jeff Mills live, he was automatically hooked and began to study the art of mixing vinyl. After mastering the technical aspects of what it takes to mix using only turntables, he got his first DJ gig as a resident DJ at an underground after-hours club in Downtown Detroit.

He later moved to San Francisco, CA where he spent close to a decade performing at many Bay Area Festivals and clubs. He has performed on the main stage at the annual San Francisco Pride Celebration and the Castro Street Fair. His creative mixing style as a DJ has gained him national attention for his “live-on-the-fly” remixes, earning him recognition from Mixcloud as one of the “top up and coming artists of 2018”. In March of 2019, Jason signed with White Lion Audio Record Label. This gave him the opportunity he had been dreaming about for years, and on April 19, 2019 he released his first single “Leto”. Leto, a progressive trance track that fits into the category of mainstream EDM became a huge hit among the electronic dance community. With close to 300K streams on Spotify, the success that Leto has seen in such a short amount of time is nothing less than astonishing. It has quickly become a favorite among Progressive trance fans worldwide. Jason has proven himself to be an extremely gifted producer. His tracks are layered with consistent build-ups and unique melodies with a very polished and professional sound.

On January 1, 2020 he will be releasing his brand new heavily anticipated track “Asteria” which will be distributed globally by Sony Orchard, one of the biggest distributors of music in the world.

Asteria is currently available for pre-order on ITunes, Amazon, and Google. Jason has been featured in several EDM exclusive publications and is quickly rising to success as a Top progressive EDM artist.

You can pre-order ‘Asteria‘ by clicking the link below