Jack Rootes – Take the World (Review)

Jack Rootes - Take the World (Review)

Music review for the new single, Take The World. A new single with a personal edge and a modern rap sound by Jack Rootes

June 2020 – Jack Rootes is an artist with a distinctive approach to rap music. His sound has a darker vibe to it, inspired by modern trap artists like earlier XXXTENTACION or Lil Peep, but taking it to an even deeper dimension with some massive sounds and an aggressive lyrical flow that has so much energy. Jack has a relentless groove with so much energy, and he is very connected to the lyrics. 

If you are a fan of hip-hop music with a more modern and textural vibe, this one is definitely a track that should be on your radar. Jack Rootes dropped a handful of well-received singles in 2020, and this one takes his formula to a new level, going for a more punchy twist but definitely staying true to his signature style and ability to combine melody with a great lyrical edge.

Find out more about Jack Rootes, and do not miss out on “Take The World,” which is currently available on Spotify and on other music streaming platforms on the web.