Jack Rootes – Life Without Boundaries (Review)

Jack Rootes - Life Without Boundaries (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Jack Rootes just unleashed a fantastic new album: Life Without Boundaries

July 2021 – Jack Rootes recently dropped Life Without Boundaries, his brand new release. This fresh new project comes after a lengthy session of creativity, which involves the artist focusing all of his energy into this remarkable effort. This studio full-length features 20 songs: a truly amazing achievement, especially if you consider that we live in a time that seems to push artists to release singles instead of longer albums! I always love to see artists who go the extra mile and work on longer records!

Jack Rootes came up with a tightly focused album, and Life Without Boundaries is a perfect combination of amazing lyrics and one-of-a-kind instrumental segments. The instrumental parts match the vocals to perfection, adding to the detail sonic fabric that drives the mix. Life Without Boundaries is thick and cohesive, forming a solid mass of sound that could have only come from Jack Rootes and his inspired vision for this project.

Check out Life Without Boundaries if you like modern hip-hop with a more personal twist and a stronger focus on great lyrics. This release is most certainly going to be right up your alley! Life Without Boundaries by Jack Rootes is currently available on the best digital streaming platforms.