Jack Frigid – Time Is Money (Review)

Check out this music review of the single, ‘Time Is Money’ released by Jack Frigid

 Killer lyrics with an uplifting message over a dope beat.

The title of Jack Frigid’s brand new song is not just a statement, it is an incredibly wise one! This stunning release is all about not wasting time, and really focus to reach out what you want in life. As an artist, Jack Frigid set out to use hip-hop as a powerful form of self-expression. His lyrics are a accomplished and spontaneous, really tipping the hat off to some of the greats of classic rap, while also showcasing some respect for the modern scene.

“Time is Money” is a strong output from Jack, who combines spot-on melodies with articulate beats, over which he extends a very witty set of lyrics. His wordplay is confident and on-the-spot, hitting the mark and staying locked in with the beat, to achieve maximum rhythmic punch.

Whether you are an avid fan of classic rap, or a lover of newer sonic aesthetics, you should definitely give “Time Is Money” a go, because Jack Fridig is a rapper that should be on your radar.

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