JABON – I’m Leaving Baby (Review)

J.A.B.O.N. has recently unveiled a new song: “I’m Leaving Baby” 

September 2022 – J.A.B.O.N. is a band with a really distinctive sonic signature. The group set out to create a modern, yet timeless formula by blending in influences as diverse as funk, soul, and more importantly R&B.

As a result, their music feels as classic and iconic as you would expect, but there is also a hint of freshness that lends the sound of the band a very contemporary edge to it. J.A.B.O.N.’s most recent example of excellent musicianship comes in the form of the band’s most recent single, “I’m Leaving Baby”. This track is a very edgy, yet melodic number, which showcases J.A.B.O.N.’s vision at its absolute best. While the song has a personal feel to it, it is also very easy to relate to, and the immersive quality of the production is sure to lure in listeners from the moment they hit the play button.

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