JABON – I’m Leaving Baby

J.A.B.O.N. has recently released a new single: “I’m Leaving Baby” 

September 2022 – J.A.B.O.N. is a unique band from Chicago, IL. What makes the sound of the group so special is that the band members came together with a truly special and unique set of sounds.

The sound of the band goes for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind formula, where the amazing sound of old-school R&B rules supreme. Even though J.A.B.O.N. set out to capture the legendary and timeless sound of this genre, there is still a refreshing contemporary touch to the band’s sound.

“I’m Leaving Baby”, the band’s recent release, is a fantastic single, which highlights the uniquely diverse range of aesthetics at the heart of the line-up’s music. The song is highly energetic, yet there is also a different and more vibrant component to this mix. Fans of artists such as Wes Montgomery should most definitely give this one a proper go!

Find out more about J.A.B.O.N. and listen to the band’s music. “I’m Leaving Baby” is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services.