Introducing Joey Job

Joey Job

Joey Johnson AKA (Joey Job) is a well seasoned, veteran artist from Decatur Ga. Joey Job grew up the son of a Baptist Deacon (Joe Johnson) and a Ordained Evangelist (Alice Johnson) Joey Job encountered growing pains as a youth growing up in the streets of Decatur Ga. He had early dreams of being an singer, actor and model until the mean streets of Decatur detoured him into a life of crime. Joey Job at the age of 14 was the first African American Ball boy for the Atlanta Hawks Organization. Joey Job is a Spiritual believer in the Kingdom of Heaven, and “Christ” the only begotten Son of GOD the FATHER.Joey Job says that he knows that he may not be able to lead everyone to the Kingdom, but if he could help to lead one of those that are now where he once was “LOST” to Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven, that would be a great “VICTORY” for the Kingdom of Heaven and the glorification of God the FATHER. Joey Job loves his family, his wife, and three kids and lives his life trusting GOD and by the phase “Blood does not make family, Love makes family.It is his prayer that through his music he may reach those that are reaching out for the Kingdom. GODSPEED and God bless.