Interview with Robbie Rivera

Interview with Robbie Rivera

Interview with Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera returns with a universally accessible slice of electronica, as he re-creates one of his favourite songs from the late eighties. After much negotiation with the original group, clearance was given & the man from Miami now unleashes his own take on the classic.

At present, Robbie Rivera’s partnership with Armada Music and a slew of releases on his own Juicy Music imprint, Spinnin’ Records, Nervous, Axtone, Cartel, Doorn, Dimmak & Ultra Music cement his place amongst dance music hierarchy.

With its uplifting vibe & radio friendly approach, ‘The Promise’ looks set to notch up a slew of love in the weeks ahead.

Robbie, welcome to Artist Rack! How’s it going?

Hi guys I am great. Just woke up fresh and ready to get to the studio in Miami.

Following a strong trend of releases in 2018, what inspired you to re-create the much loved classic ‘The Promise’?

I’ve always loved the original song and I could not find a version for me to play during sets. Many times my wife would tell me to re do this song as a cover so after a few versions we finally finished this new cover with Jordan Kaahn re singing the song.

Talk us through the clearance process, did you experience some difficulties?

I did not have much difficulties but first you have to produce the new version and then send it for clearance from the original songwriters and their publisher. After a few weeks my legal team got it approved and that was it!

What is your favourite aspect of the re-work?

I love the balance between the voice and the chord melodies. The drums are also tight and powerful. I like to end my sets with this mix.

You have certainly delivered your own take on the track, do you have plans to re-work any other classic records this year?

At the moment I just finished a new album with new original compositions so perhaps next year I will work on another special cover.

You run the legendary Juicy Music label, how do you juggle managing that with all your other industry commitments?

Yes I run three labels Juicy Music, Juicy Traxx and Sixty8Beats. I have a distributor that helps me out on the contracts to the artists and royalty statements so my job is to listen to demos. This takes a lot of time so usually when I am on the road I listen to new music. I am a workaholic so I find time to do music production, management , promotion, social media and bookings. Sometimes I need a nice glass of wine or whiskey to chill by the end of the day!

You’ve been a dance music heavyweight for many years now, on a personal note what would you describe as one of the highest points to be?

I never thought I would be able to live from producing dance music and performing. This is all I have ever done. Since I was a little boy in 6th grade I wanted to DJ and then by high school I was already learning how to produce beats with drum machines. The highest point would simply being able to have a job that I love and be blessed by God with this fortunate talent. There are good times and bad times in this career but I am very thankful to all the fans that have supported me since my first release 1995.

Is there any advice you would give aspiring producers & DJs, just starting their own journey in 2018?

When I started they only way to make it was to produce something that would standout from the rest and it did not matter what the current trend was. I still give this same advice to up and coming producers even though our current industry is focused on music sounding the same. Well this is just my opinion.

And finally, what forthcoming tour dates have you got lined up for the rest of the summer season?

I am touring in the US, South America and Europe. Excited to be back in London after a few years!

Thanks for your time Robbie, been a pleasure!