Hotboi Ty – Shells in the Wind (Review)

ArtistRack has the pleasure of reviewing ‘Shells in the Wind’ by the talented Hotboi Ty:

Hotboi Ty is back on the scene with a brand new album, Shells in the Wind

October 2020 – Hotboi Ty is a recording artist and songwriter with a strong focus on creating catchy hip-hop / R&B songs with a nice personal twist.

Recently, he dropped a full-length album titled Shells in the Wind, which is a perfect example of his artistry, and his penchant for deeply personal lyrics. With its sixteen songs, this rerelease stands out as a great calling card for the artist, and an introduction to a very innovative set of sonic aesthetics.

What makes this release so special is definitely the fact that the artist went to great lengths to build a fantastic sonic soundscape, where everything comes together so beautifully. From the production of the beats, down to the emphasis driving the main vocal lines, everything is balanced and perfectly attuned to the vibe of each song. The result is a diverse, fun album that’s ready to be enjoyed!

Find out more about Hotboi Ty, and do not miss out on Shells in the Wind, which is currently available on Spotify, and elsewhere on the web.


Hotboi Ty is a soulful crooner trapped in the body of a Street Thug. His music is at the same time Reflective, Aggressive, and paved with a since of longing. Hotboi want’s his fans to feel the emotion in his music. Stand out Tracks that show these sides are “Shells in the Wind” which is the into and a culmination of his album. “Conscience” which focuses on the more gangster aspects of his artistry. “FHH/Fuck Hip Hop” is a statement of the trials and tribulations that an artist from the street faces and the bitterness that results. The comradery and wordplay on tracks like “Issue” are a throwback to the possie cuts from yesteryear with top tear features and variety in every guest verse. “Ziggy Juice” is a smooth soulful song mixed in a haze of drugs and romance. “Lemonade”‘s shows Tyrees incredible rapid fire delivery that comes as a surprise to the listener displaying his hiphop purest side. “I always felt like I was by myself until I started making music. Now it’s like the fans feel what I feel and when they share my struggle we struggle together. I’m not above them I’m with them. That authenticity is why they love me and their loyalty is why I love them.”