Hitmanbro – Fogo

Hitmanbro announcing new release, Fogo.

Hitmanbro is an artist with a one-of-a-kind attitude and a unique flow. Hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Hitmanbro definitely makes the most of being in one of Europe’s nightlife capitals. His sound is very direct and extremely edgy, combining genres as diverse as electronic music, dancehall and reggae ton, just to mention a few. His most recent studio release is a track named “Fogo”

This song brings a lot of heat to the table, and it is particularly amazing, especially if you consider the artist’s unique vocal flow, with the song’s amazing production aesthetics. The beat is designed to make people dance, and it’s hard not to move to the tempo.

Any fan of dance-friendly songs with a cool positive vibe would absolutely love Hitmanbro’s sound, so if this is you, do not miss out! The punchy tone of this release makes me think of artists as diverse as Rick Ross and Sean Paul, and the amazing melodies of the track fit in with the vocals and their raw, energetic approach, especially when it comes to the refrains!

Find out more about Fogo, and check out Hitmanbro’s music video